A List Of Well-Thought-Out Dissertation Topics On Wastewater Treatment

  • Introduction:

  • The problem of water is becoming increasingly severe in developing and third world countries where there aren’t any adequate system of dams or reservoirs to store the water. Take the example of Pakistan where rainfall during the four months of summer accounts for 80% of total water in the country out of which 40% is flown away because of inadequate water storage. All this could be avoided if there are proper dams and reservoirs but for poor countries these dams are expensive so what they can do is build water treating plants for wastewater treatment. This prevailing issue is a good choice of topic for your Ph.D. thesis, and these countries are looking for intellects to solve their water crisis through efficient treating of the water. There are numerous dissertation topics to write on and in this article we will examine some of the best that will enable you to not only write a comprehensive and good quality thesis, but you will find the data you need pretty easily.

  • Water treatment techniques:

  • The first dissertation topic you can work on is the various techniques that are available to treat effectively the water such as biofilm and nano-particle based techniques to name a few. You can evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of this method by weighing in their pros and cons and also suggest ways to implement them.

  • Energy Efficient:

  • Another great topic for your thesis is how actually to reduce the energy consumption of these water treatment methods. As you see that reducing the energy consumed is imperative as it will lead to a more eco-friendly environment and also reduce cost as nowadays, energy is expensive. Focus could be given to the implementation of rural areas that are not developed and lack the basic resources and how practical it will be.

  • Particle Aggregation:

  • Is a very hot topic nowadays and tells us about the role of aquatic organic matters in wastewater treatment? It is a huge topic and if researched properly can help immensely in your writing.

  • Conclusion:

  • I have mentioned briefly three main topics that will not only have data easily available, but it will enable you to write the best thesis among your fellow students. You can write on each of these three topics separately or combine them in such a manner so that it looks relevant and to the point.

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