A List Of Intellectual Property Dissertation Ideas For University Students

Intellectual property is an interesting topic to write about, and can be ideal for many University students who need to write a dissertation as part of a course that they are studying. For example, students who are studying law may wish to discuss intellectual property rights as part of their work; alternatively, students who are studying music, art, or a range of other subjects which involve creating ideas may also wish to consider writing about the topic of intellectual property as part of a dissertation.

Ultimately, the course that you are studying will have a huge influence on any ideas that you may wish to use as the basis of your essay. For example, if you are studying music, then you may wish to write an argumentative style paper as to why you think artists should have more rights when it comes to intellectual property. On the other hand, if you are studying law, then you may wish to take a more factual and objective view, in order to discuss a particular topic related to intellectual property.

You will most likely have some ideas that you will have developed as a result of studying the subject; however, if you are trying to think of further ideas that you can use as the basis of your dissertation, then you may wish to consider reading through the various titles that have been included in the list below.

  • As the Internet has on piracy of books and other written intellectual property materials?
  • With ever aging populations, have copyright laws become outdated?
  • How can individual countries work together in order to minimize the damages caused by piracy as a result of the Internet?
  • The difficulties of establishing ownership when it comes to intellectual property rights and how individuals can minimize any confusion
  • Should the owners of Internet piracy websites be more severely punished?
  • Should intellectual property rights be waived when it comes to inventions or discoveries that can have a positive impact on society or mankind?
  • An analysis of the complexities of intellectual property rights and enforcing these rights in different jurisdictions
  • At what point should intellectual property rights be transferred to the public domain?
  • Should the big media companies do more to provide content for people around the world that will reduce piracy or, instead, should these businesses rely on legal systems to enforce laws related to intellectual property rights?
  • Will Internet piracy ever be abolished?

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